Just a Dog / It Wouldn't Hurt

by Geronimo Arafat



released July 21, 2014




Geronimo Arafat Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Just a Dog
The problem is these people are doing fucking fine. If they existed on any real level they’d be flung into the utter depths of the cosmos, but they walk, they talk, they have jobs, they have relationships, they go to school, they eat, they sleep, they find meaning in their lives and that is just utterly and unilaterally disgusting on the deepest level. They’re cold and phantasmal souls which have nothing of value, nothing of warrant to offer or affect upon this world, yet somehow manage to anchor themselves within it, when for them the privilege of the Earth’s gravitational pull should cease, and they should float off into and through the atmosphere with oxygen tanks, and flame-retardant suits so that they might look upon the sphere which they once inhabited most disgracefully- sullied with their very existence.

Running cold and running blind, Sandra seeks out what was once hers. But where did they put it, after tearing it from her trembling, half-conscious fingers? Among so many dire straits, this: a personal possession should not even occur to her and yet it is all she can think of. All she can feel- in many ways all she can be. But to them she is nothing. All that matters to them is what they took from her, and they would devastate her world one-thousand times over just to have it; soon after to forget it ever existed.
"It’s just a dog”, she tries to tell herself. “Just a dog.”