Pretty Candies Shining Down

by Geronimo Arafat



1. Fuck You and the Pig You Rode in On
2. Fry, Motherfucker
3. Pretty Candies (Part One)
4. Shinin' Down All Over (Part One)
5. Chinatown (Part One)
6. I Fuck Dolphins
7. Make it ; Break it
8. An Easy Jerk
9. The Slow Severing of Arteries
10. Stretched Out to the Moon
11. Limbs Cracking Behind Digits
12. Chinatown (Part Two)
13. Pretty Candies (Part Two)
14. Broken Fingers
15. Shattered Twats
16. Extremely Prolapsed Rectum
17. I Fuck Whales
18. Slighted Tendons
19. The Venerable Song Almost (1)
20. I Lick Dwarves
21. Pouring in Angels
22. Good Eats
24. I Fuck Mammoths
25. Chutes & Ladders
26. Broken Ellipses
27. A Cover
28. Trinkling Twits
29. Beaten with Feathers
30. Shinin' Down All Over (Part Two)
31. Beaten With Cleavers (You Are Now Bleeding)
32. Fingers in the Prolapse
33. Beaten More Than Palpably
34. I Fuck and I Eat Dead Human Beings of Varying Ages
35. I May Have Cut You in Insurmountable Ways
36. The Venerable Song Sort Of (2)
37. I Like Slapping
38. Something Beats Beneath Them Boards
39. I Got a Groove on
40. Hope You Will Taste It


released April 4, 2013

Guitar: Geronimo Arafat

Made Utilizing a Modified Japanese Fender Stratocaster.



all rights reserved


Geronimo Arafat Los Angeles, California

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